Monnaie Group International Commodities Trading

Meet Our Team

A Message from our CEO

Hello and welcome! It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Monnaie Group.

Monnaie Group is only in its infancy but already showing signs of enormous potential and even though the company is just launching it has been many years in the making.

As a businesswoman of 28 years, I’ve come across a lot of opportunities, some good and some not so good, and I believe with all my heart I’ve finally found my home and it comes with great pleasure that Monnaie Group has now launched.

I’ve always had the vision to create a large company. In Fact ever since I was six years old and even without understanding it then I’ve always wanted to form an entity that created wealth for not only myself and my family but for others as well. It was more about creating a global community that was important to me and by uniting each other’s resources, knowledge and skills I was able to create a platform that benefited all through business.

A couple of years ago I was first introduced to GOLD and this started me off on my journey of learning about commodities. Along the way however, I encountered a lot of obstacles primarily being the sourcing of viable deals and legitimate sellers. I certainly saw the potential though and thus embarked on my journey which ultimately led to the formation of Monnaie Group.


Along this journey I also established that there was a need to create a company that bypassed the frustration most commodity buyers face and build a company that created wealth through the sourcing, buying and selling of commodities., and ultimately creating wealth for the shareholders and investors of Monnaie Group by creating a safe environment in which to do so.

Building a strong foundation is important and the only way to build a company. I also wanted to minimise risk. And the only way to do that was to surround myself with people who were leaders in their chosen fields and transact safe and viable deals. And that is how Monnaie Group came to be. Monnaie Group has many exciting things in store for it and I look forward to the future with eagerness.

So below I introduce my team, we work together every day to build a strong and powerful infrastructure that connects countries, bringing people together to create wealth through Mining and Commodities.

Our Team


Helen Ingrid Appleton


Helen Ingrid Appleton possesses strong leadership skills, is highly experienced in business development and has built strong strategical alliances in all facets of her career.

She has a diverse range of knowledge and skills and applies these diligently to all her business operations.

Helen has excellent people skills and has 28 years of experience running numerous companies in finance, property, marketing, and sales. She has traveled extensively and adds her broad range of knowledge to all her business and personal dealings.

She is a visionary and one her greatest skills is identifying people’s strengths, tapping into them and working with each individual to bring out the best in them and bring success to any endeavor she chooses.


Kirsten Tudor Belfield


Kirsten has over 15 years’ experience in senior levels of management and recruitment, having worked in a number of medium to large retail organisations.

Her areas of speciality include strategic planning, preparation and implementation of budgets, profit and loss reporting, staff management and development, negotiation, human resources, operational management and administration.

She has high attention to detail, possessing strong management and leadership skills, which were further enhanced whilst working in the recruitment and financial planning industry. Kirsten is a motivated self-starter with great leadership skills. She leads by example with a strong focus on attention to detail, whilst also creating a positive customer experience and building long-lasting relationships.


Glen Whiteman


Glen is responsible for the provision of the following areas of expertise in our group:

Delivering complex accounting and finance services; Making financial projections and growth plans; Directing staff to attain group financial goals; Assisting Monnaie Group in developing new business; Maintaining operating budgets; Ensuring adequate cash flow; Monitoring financial activities; Monitoring legal issues

Glen’s key skills include financial expertise, supervisory skills, communication and negotiation abilities, leadership, and IT competencies.

Glen is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years’ experience and has previously held entrepreneurial and senior finance roles in a number of Australian and international companies in the media, film & music, and fast-moving consumer goods industries.


Kristjan Geering


He has worked in Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian locations with legal expertise in establishing legal structures, assisting start-ups, turnarounds, joint ventures, matters concerning the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

Kristjan has worked extensively in real estate and property, is a former associate of the Australian Property Institute, valuer and land economist. He has valued for and advised local, state and federal governments, major financial institutions, listed companies and private property developers.

He possesses expertise and depth of capability across commercial law and brings to the team practical and commercially viable solutions to assist projects to achieve goals. He offers commercially relevant strategic advice on transactions, structuring acquisition and disposal.


Ralph Nicola


Owner of Ralph Nicola jewellery in the Sydney CBD since 1974 specialising in jewellery design and manufacture, valuation and sales.

Owner of the Kanegele Gold Mine in Tanzania, Africa. Ralph is an expert in Mining, Gold and Diamonds and has been travelling back and forth to Africa since the early 90s buying and selling diamonds and precious metals.

Ralph has worked with some of the best people in the industry, an example being Emanuel Asante Assar, grandson of the family that owned Assante gold, One of the richest goldmines in Africa, advising in gold smelting bars and sale.

Ralph is extremely well connected globally and specialises in all areas of mining, gold, diamonds and other precious metals. Ralph is extremely entrepreneurial and is an asset to Monnaie Group.


Steven Sharpe


Fast-paced results-driven, visionary and entrepreneurial business leader, with a proven track record of achievement in a personal career that spans over 25 years in, entrepreneurship, media, marketing, social media, and sales management, consulting, operations and delivery.

Held executive hands-on leadership positions across Technical, Media, Entertainment, and Financial, Hospitality and the Sales Sectors

Interested in building high growth emerging technology companies that create commercial success & high return investment value.

Passionate about creating market-ready products that focus on User Experience and getting to market rapidly using Lean Start-up development

Specialties: Creator of original concepts, unique ideas, project implementation, sales motivator, business motivated, thinks outside the box.