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Working with Communities

Monnaie Group Believes in Giving Back

Because we are dealing globally and utilising resources that this beautiful planet provides us with we believe in giving back to each community in the countries we work in.

We are currently working on forming the Monnaie Foundation. A Foundation that gives back to the local communities funding them with housing, resources, education and business opportunities. Giving a helping hand to others.
Monnaie Groups Advisor Ralph Nicola and his Keneally gold projects team believes in giving back as well. In addition to the royalties that he has paid to the Tanzanian government to assist the countries population, Kanegele actively supports, compensates and donates to local villages and its villagers.


In September 2018 Masumbwe township gave the Kanegele gold project an excellent approval rating to the local Tanzanian government officials.

CEO and Founder Helen Appleton has worked with multiple charities in Australia and has worked with feeding the homeless in Sydney and assisting them with education and rehabilitation. She is the leading hand and founding director of the Monnaie Foundation.