Monnaie Group International Commodities Trading


Australian Dairy

Australia is home to some of the best dairy operations in the world and the high demand for our dairy products increases daily. Australia’s dairy sector is one of the most efficient in the world and is a leader in responding to new and emerging consumer demands. Australia accounts for approximately 10% of the current world dairy trade.

Monnaie Group is committed to sourcing the best Australian products available to distribute to our continually expanding global partners. Our current distribution channels are China and Malaysia. We cater for a wide range of markets with products such as fresh milk, whole mil!powder, infant formula and cheese.

Not only do we have some of the best products on the market but we are constantly sourcing new, improved products and we continually source new markets to distribute to every day.



Milk Powder and Infant Formula

Monnaie Group has spent several years investing both time and money into research in both sourcing and acquiring the best opportunities globally in various specialised commodities. One of our companies primary key resources is whole milk powder and infant formula.

We are aligning ourselves with Australian and New Zealand dairies and currently looking at distributing milk powder to China. We are currently in negotiations with our partners to further expand our infrastructure to other countries.

Goat and Sheep Milk

Goat and Sheep milk

Due to lactose intolerance, predominantly in China, but also becoming a major intolerance issue in so many individuals, countries are now sourcing Australian made products made from goat and sheep milk.

Australian dairy groups are some of the best in the world and are highly sought after. Monnaie Group has selected the best range of these products to distribute to our global partners.

Monnaie Group and our Australian and New Zealand Dairy contacts are currently in negotiations to distribute these products globally to expand our product range.


Fresh Milk

Monnaie Group is teaming up with some of our strategic partners in order to distribute Fresh Milk globally and expand our companies operations.