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Why Invest in Gold?

High Demand for Precious Metals

Physical Gold is an asset and has captured the imagination of people for thousands of years. It has long been used as the ultimate way to display a persons wealth. The high demand for precious metals is driven not only by its practical use but more importantly for its role as an investment.

Investors may choose to invest in Gold (Bullion) for a number of reasons. To add diversification to an investment portfolio or to hedge against Currency fluctuations, inflation or geopolitical risks.

Historically, gold or other precious Metals have commanded much higher prices than the more common Industrial metals. Although Gold is used for industrial purposes it’s best known for its use in jewelry, coinage and the physical storage of it.

Why Gold

Gold will Always Gain in Value

Over time Gold will always gain value. Gold is money and It is recognised and sought after all over the world. Gold remains the best performing asset of the 21st-century beating both the stocks and housing markets.

Gold is money. Gold can be held in storage for a rainy day and unlike a lot of other investments it can be sold immediately for instant cash. If you are in the market to buy Gold or sell Gold please contact us via our contact page.

Monnaie Group can connect you to our global network of sellers and we can assist you in the facilitation of all your gold purchases.

Additionally if you are a seller of gold Monnaie Group an assist you with all your selling requirements.

Live Gold Markets

Gold Aquisitions

In addition to our mining operations, our highly skilled advisory board has the infrastructure in place to buy gold from local miners in Australia and various countries across the globe. We are currently working with several key partners to facilitate gold sales and purchases across the globe from 1kg to 1000’s kg per month.