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Ralph Nicola

Owner of Ralph Nicola Jewellery

Owner of Ralph Nicola jewellery in the Sydney CBD since 1974 specialising in jewellery design and manufacture, valuation and sales.

You could say that gold is in Ralphs DNA having been introduced to its charms as a boy while working with his father, a jeweller in Cairo, like his father before him.


Australian Mining


Significant Primary Producer

Mining in Australia is a significant primary producer and contributer to the global economy. Global gold output has increased 40% since 2008 and there’s a lot of ongoing exploration going into Australia to source new gold reserves or revamp existing ones.

Monnaie Group is constantly sourcing new opportunities in both mining and commodity sales and purchases.

We have spent several years researching, analysing and sourcing the best opportunities available in the gold and mining industries and are working with some of the best in the country. Our select advisory team are aligning forces with various mining projects in Australia and analysing the best opportunities to invest in and ultimately growing our Australian mining portfolio.

International Gold Mines

Global Mining Infrastructure

Monnaie Group is a privately owned Australian company that specialises in mining and commodities, strategically operating via our global network and infrastructure located in Dubai, Africa, India and Australia.

One of our main investment interests lies in Tanzania, Africa. We are fortunate enough to have on our advisory board, Ralph Nicola, owner of Kanegele Gold Project in the Mbogwe District, Tanzania.

Kanegele Gold Project is a 2km2 property located in Tanzania’s world-class Geita and Kahama region ‘Gold Belt’. Tanzania is the 17th biggest gold producer in the world with over 49 tons are mined each year.

The Geita Region produces over 40% of the gold mined in Tanzania and the Kanegele Gold Project is situated right in its heart and is surrounded by other highly successful gold mines.


Our Tanzanian and Australian partners connected to the gold mine have over 60 years of combined experience in the gold and diamond industry with sales in both Africa and Australia.

Tanzania has one of the highest levels of exploration in Africa due to its resources and political stability and gold attracts the majority of investment from this country.

Within the next year, Monnaie Group along with Ralph Nicola will be acquiring surrounding land suitable for gold mining and thus adding to our African mining portfolio. These negotiations are currently in place.


Diamond Specialists

Monnaie Groups advisor, Ralph Nicola, along with our strategic partners have the infrastructure in place to source and buy non-conflict diamonds form all over the world.

We specialise in rough diamonds and cut diamonds and cater for any buying or selling market.

Ralph has been sourcing and buying diamonds from various African countries since the early 90s. We have contacts direct to the mines and can source stones to suit any requirement.

Monnaie Group facilitates diamond transactions globally. We buy and sell on behalf of private clients and facilitate the transactions with ease. For sales and distribution channels please contact us